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Stay in touch with those you care about

If you’re going to make that one choice, that single decision that could best ensure your own health and happiness, science tells us that your choice should be to cultivate warm relationships.

– The Good Life, Robert J. Waldinger & Marc Schulz, Ph.D

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Add all people you want to reach out to regularly

Henlo assists you in maintaining connections with your loved ones. Simply import those significant to you and set how frequently you wish to contact them. Henlo notifies you when it's time to check in and also helps you recall previous interactions and your friends' birthdays.

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Your past interactions with a person, easily available

Document your interactions, capture the emotions they evoked, and highlight the conversations or activities you shared. Deepen the value of your relationships by bringing purpose and mindfulness to them.

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Define how often you want to reach out

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The most important timeline of your life

The timeline displays all your interactions with everyone. In an era where we're constantly scrolling through feeds, this timeline could be the most meaningful in your life. Gather memories and ensure this timeline is packed with unforgettable moments.

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